120 Film Processing

120 Film Processing

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Please select your film processing needs. If you have multiple types that you want different processing for, please be sure to mark your film appropriately.

*Service options explained*
Develop Only- Processing only. No scans or prints. For those who scan and print their own
Scan Only- Your film processed, scanned & sent to you with an email transfer
Scan & Prints (please select the correct aspect ratio for your prints as it correlates to your frames) - Your film scanned and printed


How does this work?
Please select all of your film processing needs from the options above, complete your checkout on Paypal, download our prepaid mailing label - don't forget to write your return address! Ship it off to us a & we’ll take care of the rest!

Can you Push process color (C-41) film?
We can definitely push color film! We’ve found that color film has enough latitude to be over/underexposed and produce reasonable results, so pushing doesn’t add much speed to your film. Though it’s only recommended as an aesthetic choice, many photographers like to experiment with push processing! 

***We do not pull color films!