C-22/ Old Film Processing

C-22/ Old Film Processing

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** Please read the below information before placing your order

C-22 was a type of chemical process used for color films until the early 70s. It’s since been replaced by the current standard C-41, which is safer and better on the environment. Here at Old School Photo Lab, we process these old films into a black and white negative. As the quality of the films vary greatly depending on age and storage, we recommend ordering Develop Only, or Scans Only at first, then ordering prints if the images are worth printing to you. The quality of the negatives can range from good to very poor, it is important to be aware of this when ordering.

What effects the quality of the  images I can expect?
It varies! Storage conditions like humidity, heat and other factors can affect the film over long periods of time. Some old films look good, sometimes it’s all fogged to nothing.

Can I get color images out of my old C-22 film?
The chemistry to make color photos from this film have long since been discontinued. We process all C-22 into a black and white negative.

I have a different old film/I don’t know what type of film I have! Help?
Most C-22 film says it right on it. The most common name you might look for is Kodacolor-X. Other names may include: Anscocolor, GAF, ACN, Technicolor, E-2 or E-4 processing labeled films. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to help!

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