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120 Film Processing

120 Film Processing

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Multi Roll Processing discount! Shoot more, save more! 2-4 Rolls save 10% 5+ rolls save 15%

Please select your film processing needs. If you have multiple types that you want different processing for, please be sure to mark your film appropriately.

 *Service options explained.
Develop Only- Processing only. No scans or prints. For those who scan and print their own.
Scan Only- Your film scanned and uploaded to your personal online gallery.
Scan & Prints (4x6 or 5x5) - Your film scanned and uploaded to your online gallery and printed.


We’ve been doing 120 film processing for over 36 years, and now we’re bringing our awesome Old School Photo Lab services to the web.

We offer several different services for your 120 film!

  • Scanning
    • Standard or High Resolution scans with FREE UPLOADS
    • Optional Archive CD/DVD
  • Printing
    • 4×6 – Full frame with borders
    • 5×5 – Full bleed square
    • Extras
  • Push/pull process services

You have film, we’re a lab… Let’s make magic.