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Film Processing, It’s What we do!

“People are coming back to film,” everyone keeps saying. We at the Old School Photo Lab hope to help them stay. With the demise of so many labs across the country, we bring quality & affordable processing to everyone, via the Internet. We have current equipment, but we’re doing essentially what we’ve been doing for over thirty-three years: processing film and making prints, handling every image individually. We are not “high-speed” nor “automated”

If you want snazzy marketing, we’re not your lab. If you’re looking for a lab that loves film processing, cares about its customers’ images, and has the experience to handle them, look no further. Here at Old School, we’re all analog photographers–as you look around the website, you’ll see the images of the people who develop your film and of some of our oldest customers. We would like you to become part of our family that still loves photography… and film!

We’re thrilled that people are coming back to film. We never left.

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