May 4th Covid update

Due to the COVID situation, we have been operating with only one employee until now.  As of May 2nd, we have a skeleton crew operating, but the process and distancing is presenting challenges for us.  

We have many bins from the post office of unopened mail that contain film that we have started working on.  At this juncture, we estimate that an additional 3 weeks will be needed to clear out the backlog of orders.  At this time, it is not possible to perform customer service functions and look for individual orders

If you packaged your film safely and put your return address information on the envelope, it will either be in our lab or returned to your address via the post office.

We are looking forward to returning to our normal schedule, but it's going to be a while before we're in the clear. 

This is not the kind of service, or customer service that we want to give to our customers. We long to be a lot closer to normal than we are right now.

Thank you for your patience.. Sincerely, The LabRats