May 25th Update.. WOOHOO..Caught UP!

 The charming and amazing Labrats have succeeded in clearing the logjam/backup of unopened film/mail.   Further, we are now up to date on development of all standard sized film -- for all chemical processes.  

 What is concerning us now is the inconsistency of the USPS mail service.  We have had multiple days when we do not receive any film/mail.  The answers (excuses) we receive vary, but we are hopeful these disruptions in the system will be short-lived. 

 Our new work schedule/routine here seems to be working out and we are staying safe...and at a distance.. from one another.  You can reach us from 10-5, Monday through Friday.  You may get our answering machine, but we will return calls when we can.  

 We are thrilled to be current....and thank you for considering sending us your film!