August Delays

Hey All! 
First off, we wanna say thank you so much for how much film you're shooting and how busy you're keeping us. We've been swamped here and doing our best to get everything done with the quality and speed you've come to expect from us.

So far we have been within our published service schedule, but it seems like the USPS is having service time issues..and we are having some machine glitches. So yes....we are a few days slower than where we have been.   We want to stay transparent with you all while the uncertainties persist.

Please understand we are trying to do our best to keep the film rolling through the works. It appears we are making progress on those things we can control (getting our machine glitch 'un-glitched), and dealing with those we can't as best we can.

We hope that things will back to normal soon: but if delays persist, we will start sending emails to those of you directly affected. Otherwise, hold tight and know we are working so you should have your work soon.

Thank you so much again. We're very fortunate to have all you folks who still #believeinfilm to keep us busy. Stay safe out there...wear your mask..wash your hands and shoot film!