There may be hope for that old C-22 film of yours!

If you’ve been shooting film since way before digital was an option, you may know C-22 film pretty well. If you don’t know C-22, it’s old color film! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) C-22 was replaced with C-41 process color film as we have today, and the chemicals to process that old film have long since been discontinued.

Usually when we get it at the lab, we sigh and send it back to the customer, suggesting to maybe send it to a lab that specializes in old film.*

But, last week I was feeling curious and started doing some research. After scouring the web for a while, I was feeling confident and tried processing some old C-22 rolls we had laying around in our black and white chemicals.. And, to my surprise, images!

This was a 127 roll of Kodacolor-X marked “Spring 1971” As you can see, the results are varied. But, for their age, they came out pretty decent!

R1-09498-0007 bwR1-09499-0005 bwR1-09499-0006 bw

These two came in a 126 cartridge marked “ACN Process” which I think was Ansco Color Negative film, equating to C-22. I really like the look of these too.

R1-09497-0001 R1-09497-0000


So if you ever find an old roll of C-22 and are feeling curious, we can give it a try! Send us an email if you’ve got any questions.