Shipping Instructions

If you’re using our label to get your film to us, download our label here (right click, save as). Just print it out, tape to your mailer, and pop it in the nearest mailbox! Easy as that!


Unsure what kind of packaging to use?

Here’s a quick guide for getting your film to us as quickly and safely as possible!

What you’ll need:
1) Your film
Your Film

2) Our mailing label (downloaded here)

Mailing label

3) A padded envelope or a box with stuffing

Padded envelope


Tape your label on your mailer, clearly write your return address, throw your film inside, seal it up and give it an extra piece of tape (for good measure). ┬áVoila! It’s ready to be mailed!

Ready to ship, baby!

*Note: We DO NOT recommend sending your film in a plain white envelope.

BummerWe see this more often than we’d like! We don’t want your film getting lost or damaged! :/

*This shipping label DOES NOT include tracking/confirmation. For tracking, please pay to ship priority mail.