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126 film processing at Old School Photo Lab is still done just about the same way it always has been for the last 35 years. Now using the newest, efficient and environmentally friendly methods, we’re helping people unlock hidden memories and treasures on their old film.

Quick 126 Film Processing FAQs.

How does this work?
-You select all your film processing needs from the options above, checkout on paypal, download our prepaid mailing label, ship it to us, and we’ll take care of the rest!

How likely am I to get good images? 
-Some films age more gracefully than others, depending on a few factors including age, temperature/humidity of storage, how good the exposures were to begin with. Black and white film has better results, color film usually has severe color shifts. We recommend ordering Scan Only to start, and ordering prints of the photos you like.

I’m not sure what film I have!
-Most old 126 film you might find will be either Kodak Verichrome Pan (black and white) or Kodacolor II (Color/C-41). Other brands you might have would be Agfa, Ferrania/Solaris, Fotomat. *If your cartridge says “Kodacolor-X, C-22, Technicolor or Triple Print please check our C-22/ Old Film Processing page for more info.*