*Ended* It’s time for #filmspring!

Free Medium Format Scans!


We survived the winter! Spring is here, the snow is (almost) gone, and the sun is finally shining on us here (occasionally)  in New England!  Spring’s the perfect time to get your medium format camera out of the closet and shoot the beautiful colors that have been hidden from us for so long!

In celebration of  spring we’re offering FREE standard SCANS on your 120 color/C-41 film! You pay only for developing, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Dust off  your Holga, Brownie, Mamiya, Yashica, Rollei, Hassleblad or WHATEVER …and enjoy the sunshine by capturing SPRING!

If you feel like treating yourself, get  Upgraded Scans for just $3! 


Free Standard Scan promotion is applicable only to C-41 and X-pro, 120/620 format film only. Promotion ends 4/13/15